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If you are curious to know the Egg Rate in India then you are at the right place. Let me inform you that our website provides you with information regarding the rates of eggs in your area.

Eggs are a delicious, nutritious and economical food option. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, eggs are beneficial for people of all ages. But, one question that comes to everyone's mind when buying eggs is - what is its price?

India is one of the countries with the lowest egg rates in the world. However, the price of eggs may vary slightly in different cities. Let's take a look at the current egg rates in some of the popular cities of India:

City piece tray 100 pcs peti
Ahmedabad ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Ajmer ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Barwala ₹4.62 ₹138.6 ₹462 ₹970
Bengaluru ₹5.55 ₹166.5 ₹555 ₹1166
Brahmapur ₹4.95 ₹148.5 ₹495 ₹1040
Chennai ₹5.6 ₹168 ₹560 ₹1176
Chittoor ₹5.53 ₹165.9 ₹553 ₹1161
Delhi ₹4.8 ₹144 ₹480 ₹1008
E.Godavari ₹4.8 ₹144 ₹480 ₹1008
Hospet ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Hyderabad ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Jabalpur ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
Kolkata ₹5.25 ₹157.5 ₹525 ₹1103
Ludhiana ₹4.45 ₹133.5 ₹445 ₹935
Mumbai ₹5.7 ₹171 ₹570 ₹1197
Mysuru ₹5.57 ₹167.1 ₹557 ₹1170
Namakkal ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Pune ₹5.7 ₹171 ₹570 ₹1197
Raipur ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Surat ₹5.55 ₹166.5 ₹555 ₹1166
Vijayawada ₹4.85 ₹145.5 ₹485 ₹1019
Vizag ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
W.Godavari ₹4.8 ₹144 ₹480 ₹1008
Warangal ₹5.02 ₹150.6 ₹502 ₹1054
Allahabad ₹5.38 ₹161.4 ₹538 ₹1130
Bhopal ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
Indore ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
Kanpur ₹5.24 ₹157.2 ₹524 ₹1100
Luknow ₹5.33 ₹159.9 ₹533 ₹1119
Muzaffurpur ₹5.25 ₹157.5 ₹525 ₹1103
Nagpur ₹5.4 ₹162 ₹540 ₹1134
Patna ₹5.25 ₹157.5 ₹525 ₹1103
Ranchi ₹5.24 ₹157.2 ₹524 ₹1100
Varanasi ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071

Today Egg Rate in Market

NECC Egg Rate ₹5.18 ₹155.4
Whole Sale Rate ₹5.18 ₹155.4
Retail Rate ₹5.5 ₹165
Super Market Rate ₹5.59 ₹167.7

Today Egg Rate Chart

Today Low & High Rate Chart

Egg Rate in Different States

Egg rates, or egg prices, are crucial for both consumers and producers in the poultry industry. Understanding the fluctuations in egg rates can help individuals make informed decisions about buying and selling eggs. This article delves into the significance of egg rates, the factors that influence them, and how our website provides up-to-date egg pricing information.

Importance of Egg Rates

Eggs are a staple food item, and their prices can significantly impact household budgets and the profitability of poultry businesses. By staying informed about egg rates, consumers can plan their purchases to get the best deals, while farmers and retailers can strategize their sales to maximize profits.

Why Egg Rates Fluctuate

Egg rates are subject to various factors, including supply and demand dynamics, feed costs, seasonal trends, and market conditions. Understanding these factors can help explain why egg prices vary from day to day and region to region.

How We Determine Egg Rates

At, we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date egg rate information. Our methodology involves analyzing multiple data sources and considering various influencing factors to offer a comprehensive view of egg prices.

Factors Affecting Egg Prices

Several factors influence egg prices, such as:

  • Supply and Demand: Higher demand or lower supply can drive prices up, and vice versa.
  • Feed Costs: The price of poultry feed directly impacts the cost of egg production.
  • Seasonal Trends: Egg prices can vary with seasons, often rising during festive periods.
  • Market Conditions: Economic conditions and trade policies also play a role in egg pricing.
  • Our Methodology for Calculating Egg Rates

    We use a combination of real-time market data, historical trends, and expert analysis to determine the current egg rates. This ensures that our users receive reliable and actionable information.

    Sources of Our Data

    Our data comes from trusted sources, including market reports, agricultural boards, and direct input from poultry farms and retailers. One of our primary sources is the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), which provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on egg prices across different regions. This multi-source approach helps us maintain the accuracy and relevance of our egg rate information.


    Q: What is the NECC Egg rate today? 
    A: The NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee) sets the egg rate every day in India. The current NECC egg rate today can be found on our website. 

    Q: How can I check the latest egg rate? 
    A: You can check the latest egg rate easily by searching for on Google. Our website is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, and you can get all information from this site. 

    Q: What is today's egg rate? 
    A: The egg rate can differ according to region, state, and city, and it changes frequently. As of today, the egg rate in major cities in India is around ₹5.18 per egg, Per Tray ₹155.4, and per 100 Pieces ₹518. 

    Q: What is the 1 Peti egg rate today? 
    A: As 1 Peti egg has 210 eggs, the current rate for 1 Peti egg today is ₹1087.8. 

    Q: What is the lowest egg rate in India? 
    A: The lowest price of the egg is Ludhiana (₹4.45), and the highest price is Mumbai (₹5.7). However, it depends on the demand and supply of the eggs. 

    Q: Why is there a price difference between Desi eggs and broiler eggs? 
    A: Desi chickens have a lower production of eggs, so their price is slightly higher than broiler eggs. 

    Q: Why do egg prices fluctuate so much? 
    A: Factors such as chicken feed costs, supply and demand, transportation costs, and weather affect egg prices. 

    Q: Is it beneficial to buy eggs online? 
    A: Some online stores may offer eggs at affordable prices, but it is important to keep in mind the home delivery charges. 

    Q: What things should be kept in mind while buying eggs? 
    A: Be sure to check the expiry date and check the freshness of the eggs by touching them. Fresh eggs feel hard when touched. 

    Q: Will egg prices rise in the future? 
    A: It is difficult to say, but the increase in chicken feed and other costs is likely to cause egg prices to rise in the future. 

    Q: Can we check the latest egg rate daily? 
    A: Yes, you can check the latest egg rate daily. Our website is available 24 hours, and we are frequently updating the prices according to the NECC report. 


    Eggs are a healthy, tasty and economical food option, but their prices fluctuate due to many factors. Egg rates may also vary slightly across cities. With the help of the information provided in this blog, you can make the right choice when buying eggs and get the best value! Egg prices are difficult to predict, but shopping smartly can help you keep your budget balanced. So the next time you buy eggs, compare prices, keep seasonal effects in mind and enjoy these nutritious foods to the fullest to stay healthy!.Bookmark to stay updated on the latest egg rates and other related information.